Primal-Based Lalafell Community

About us

The Lalafellowship is a Lala community made by lalas for all. The home for lalas everywhere! Started out in 2019 when fellowships were introduced to FFXIV, we went on to grow into a large community that get's bigger with each passing day. Find the Lalafellowship or the Lalafellowship 2 on fellowship finder to step your foot into our door. We have a few CWLS, a bustling discord community, and a RP cafe that opens every Sunday. Feel free to join in on the fun even if you aren't a lalafell!


The Lalafellowship hosts events every month! Such events have included:Hide & Seek
Cosplay Contest
Fashion Show
Beach Parties
Gift Giving for the holiday season
Lalabelly Camp
Screenshot Contests
Lala Day
Our events are usually announced first in either our discord or at our Cafe. Afterwards you'll see them in our fellowship page, cwls, Party Finder, and maybe you'll hear a shout in the open world!

The Lalafellowship Cafe! Cafe ran by Lalas for Lalas and ALL! Cute lalas, carbies, food & drinks and gambling after the hour! Just walk in and take a seat downstairs and a server will attend to you with a menu in hand! Our menus will always be on hand so you can easily read them no matter what type of eyes you may have!Gambling room opens after the first hour (after announcements) and we have 5 games to choose from in which the rules can be explained to you on site! AST Poker, Higher or Lower, Coin Flip, Deathroll, and Carbyjack are all playable in our venue! Each game has a set minimum and maximum bet and bets must be traded before the game begins!We sometimes have theme nights in which we encourage our guest to try their best to fit the theme! Theme nights are announced in advance in the cafe.We offer bar buyout options as well!
690k for the whole night and 420k for an hour! Buying out the bar makes it so everyone can get free drinks for the duration of the buyout! Just be sure to tip your servers ^-^
Our lovely cafe opens every Sunday in Ultros Goblet W12 P5. 9pm EST to 11pm EST
Menu down below!


The Lalafellow

Hiiroshi Kisekikatsu

Creative leads

Discord Moderators

Cafe Workers